Michael Emanuel Testimonial Picture

"Time and time again, Lisa's home staging services has made my clients more money in the end. Her professionalism and attention to detail is rare and is only trumped by her sense of home style. Having Lisa stage my clients home has become a necessity to gain the edge in any housing market."

- Michael Emanuel, Realtor

Tim Kanter Testimonial Picture

"Lisa and Gallery Home Staging was one of the best choices we made when selling our home! She is great to work with, super prompt, and very professional! Plus she really understands what buyers are looking for and how to work that in with the sellers (my) budget to make the house look like a model home. With her help we listed and sold the house the same weekend! The only problem I had was that she staged it so well, I wanted to keep the house after she staged it! I highly recommend Lisa and Gallery Home Staging for anyone wanting to sell their home for the price they want."

- Tim Kanter

Albert Cornel Testimonial Picture

"Previously I have had my property in the market for 90 days and had not much activity. It was an investment property so I had the tenant vacate the property with hopes of getting it sold quickly. For the most part, the property was empty. When I switched to another realtor, she suggested that I have the property staged. I was then referred to Lisa Morrison, a professional stager.

The previous realtor didn't think that it would make a difference whether it was staged or not plus it is usually very costly. Lisa has been doing staging for several years now and together with the realtor who has convinced me that staging is definitely the way to go to, I therefore decided to have the property staged. The cost of staging was definitely very reasonable especially when compared to how much the property can be sold as opposed to what the previous realtor suggested that we drop the price to $20,000 more. Common sense dictates that improving the property with less price is better than dropping the price significantly.

Lisa did an excellent job. The property was painted first then thoroughly cleaned and then staged. The house inside and the patio looked very inviting, very attractive, fresh and definitely showed the full potential of the property. We all felt confident that the list price was right.

The property was listed online and definitely looking very appealing and had caravan load of realtors go through the property on two occasions. In between showing the properties, I was impressed and found out later that Lisa would come in and check if the property was clean and if the floors needed attention. Much to our surprise, we had an offer in a little over 2 weeks at full price. I have learned a great lesson on staging and would definitely use Lisa again in the future more importantly because of her impeccable attention to detail and service."

- Albert Cornel